Course Outline

DECO1012/IDEA9103: Design Programming

This unit aims to teach students an understanding of the stages involved in the development of software for design; skills in the design and implementation of software for design tasks and in the development of software as design tools. On the successful completion of this unit of study, students will have demonstrated: skills in using software tools to build interactive, visual design applications through individual programming assignments; knowledge of object­oriented programming concepts through individual programming assignments; implementation techniques such as editing, using libraries, and compilation and runtime environments through individual programming assignments; knowledge of the Java programming language including: classes, methods, object creation, instance and local variables, primitive and object types, simple I/O, and control flow through individual and group programming assignments; knowledge of software design and development processes including analysis of requirements, design of data­structures, functions and classes, software development lifecycles, and managing software projects.

The complete Unit of Study outline is available at:
DECO 1012: Design Programming
IDEA9103: Design Programming